Leah Davidson

Relationship Therapy

All intimate relationships go through difficult or challenging times. You may have experienced a crisis of some sort, such as an affair, or feel stuck in a cycle of arguing, blame, and conflict.

Certain events in our lives may bring out conflicting needs and desires, and difficulties can also arise following a life change or crisis such as bereavement, infertility, or the arrival of children. We may feel that our relationship has lost its vitality, with differences in sexual desire or loss of desire.

Such crises offer unique opportunities for a stale relationship to transform itself into something deeper and more profound, where partners can develop a new intimacy and communication.

I work with the relationship in an active and dynamic way, exploring how individual histories and family values affect the relationship. Individuals learn how to listen and understand more about each other, communicate more constructively, and how to resolve conflict and negotiate difficult decisions.

I work with heterosexual, bisexual and same sex partnerships, and with people in monogamous, open and polyamorous relationships.


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscape, but in having new eyes.”



£120 for 60-minute session